About Dr. Stout

Dr. Richard R. Stout, MDDr. Stout graduated with high honors and a BS in biochemistry from Michigan State University where he was chosen as 1 of 50 outstanding graduating seniors.

He received his MD from Hahnemann Medical School in Philadelphia where he received honors in medicine. Dr. Stout completed his specialty training at the University of Pennsylvania and Tulane University where he received the O’Brien Award for outstanding performance and research.

Dr. Stout has been a speaker at both national and international eye meetings. He has served as an instructor for small incision cataract surgery. He has been an investigator for laser and other eye surgery.

Dr. Stout has over 30 years of practice experience and has performed 12,000 major eye surgeries.

Dr. Stout is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is one of the handful of surgeons in New York State to be certified by The American Board of Eye Surgeons, which is a peer review organization that provides certification based on review of surgical results and videotaped performance of surgery int the operating room.

Dr. Stout is currently the only eye surgeon in the Finger Lakes Region certified by the American Board of Eye Surgery. He is a winner of the Consumer Research Council of America Top Ophthalmologist Award for 2007 and is listed in Who’s Who in Ophthalmology.